A little bit of music goes  a long way,  and the conference OB

14th June Blog 52,
Hello From Denver, Colorado. It is beautiful here but New Zealand has this all. However the streets are wide and people seem relatively laidback.  There is always congestion and some of the roads are single lane but it seems to work. Traveling from one side of the city to the other with rush hour can take about ¾ hour to an hour, flowing traffic about 30 mins. With experiences like these you realise how lucky we are in Wellington or even most of New Zealand. 
Unfortunately Auckland does have a congestion problem, but tricky to widen some of those roads.  Traffic causes people stress, I think the trick is to realise that it won’t get there any faster than it will.  So use the time to contemplate your day, how you want to start and finish.  Visualise how you want the meetings to go.    This is taught in mindfulness.  I would also recommend if you have data to plug into your smart phone music with Gamma or Beta music. Gamma wave lengths, so Crick says is the vibration, resonance of creation, so they have found that the human brain responds to this and help create new ideas.  Beta is for focus. So if you have to write a document its worth plugging into You Tube for these sounds.  My newly developed web site, Stresslessbuddy.com incorporates this and others to help you achieve what you need to.
I’m here in Denver  to talk about the relationship of ortho bionomy and brain plasticity.  How the brain can change and develop with environmental stimuli, either physical or emotional. It was hypothesised by Santiago Ramon y Cajal, that the brain could sculpt itself, and in 1906 he was given the Noble prize for that plasticity theory and the growth of a brain.  Later much later in 2000 it was confirmed by Eric Kandel that the brain was in fact plastic it, confirming Cajal’s work. Kandel too received a Noble prize for work with brain plasticity. 
This conference I am speaking at there are other great Ortho-bionomists who also do amazing work with MS, chronic fatigue and trauma.  How to facilitate the body’s innate sense of healing, holding and prompting the system to self-correct.  Be it in the structure, muscles, fluid, organs or brain.  There is so much more to discover, and hanging out with all these great teachers.  Those who were taught by Arthur Paul in the 80’s and 90’s. To be able to draw on their experience will be very exciting. 
So the new techniques and further knowledge about ortho and mechanisms of the body can only help our clients to a better balance.
I will report in next week, whilst sitting at another airport. Hmmm my favourite pass time.
Have a great week and listen to some music. It is all on You Tube.

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