Tiffany Beese

ND, Adv OB, Pysch BSc. Naturopathy and Ortho-Bionomy®

Tiffany Beese​

ND, Adv OB, Pysch BSc. Naturopathy And Ortho-Bionomy®

I am a naturopath, nutritionist, Ortho-Bionomist ® and provide Akashic Records readings.  I can bring balance and wellbeing into your everyday life by:

  • Relieving and releasing pain and stress.
  • Identifying disfunctions in your body and rebalancing you, so that you are ready for everyday life.

I have a book published Pegasus Publishing; Seeing, Feeing, Hearing and Being with Spirit.

This is a book to help people understand and learn about what they can feel but not see. Also with these symbols channelled to help people to better health.  Answers to questions of explanations to the harder challenges to life and how to conduct yourself with integrity and very little ego. Using acceptance and non-judgement every day.


What I do


Ortho-Bionomy treats many different conditions:-
Whiplash, Gently feeling through the neck bones and allowing time for the overstretched and jolted tissues to come back into alignment.
Achy chronic discomfort in the back included displaced disc, pulled muscles and spasms. The gentle positions of holding in a tensionless space to allow the structure to realign to balance.

Akashic Records Readings

The Akashic records are where you get an understanding about your soul’s journey. It is where the big questions can be asked that you may have about your life and its purpose.  The Akashic Records are where every souls journey is catalogued and stored as a file.  Here you can find out your true name and also contact loved ones.


Naturopathy is a scientific art that has been around for thousands of years.  The Egyptians were amongst the first to appreciate herbs and their healing and curative powers. in naturopathy,  I listen to your symptoms, and through experience and knowledge, work with you to obtain optimum results

Nutrition analysis and advice

Good nutrition is critical in helping your body and mind function optimally.  When analysing your nutritional needs, I get you to tell me about your current eating habits – what you eat and when.  I listen to what you tell me about your symptoms and what you are able to do today, compared with other times in your life. 


What My Clients Say?

Three years ago I suddenly got severe upper back and arm pain, that was the beginning of a long journey which ended when I began sessions with Tiffany. I had been to see physiotherapists, RSI specialists, osteopaths and a chiropractor, finally taking medication, all to little avail. An operation sorted out the cause but it was Tiffany's work that was the final step in the process of getting back to normal. I am finally pain free, something I had almost given up on
Tiffany is a true healer. I would recommend her to anyone. Tiffany's innate sense of the spiritual and her intuition enables her to go right to the source of pain or discomfort - and fix it. I am very particular about who I will lay naked in a room with! I have trusted my body to Tiffany for 7 years, and have no inclination of giving that up anytime soon.
Project Manager
In any profession, work/life balance is important. Every two weeks I treat my body to a massage with Tiffany. Tiffany's massage varies according to the needs of my body. I appreciate her style of massage, her professional, welcoming and cheerful manner, and her selection of music. I always leave feeling this has been an hour well spent.