Spine reset and Dowgers hump

Blog 53 19th June 2017,
Spine reset and Dowagers hump, find a ball .
Well it is still Monday where I am in sunny Denver. The temperature is in its 30’s Celsius that is about 90 F.  So pretty hot and dry.  The Air B n B was great and had a shared pool.
The conference was full of so many great people and many many years of experience.  Arthur Lincoln Pauls died in 1994, and many of his students were there to continue on the wisdom.  Ortho-bionomy® that was talked about were about listening to the person.  To hear their story be it a shoulder, or ankle, or lower back, to find the place of comfort and stay there to feel the tissue moving.  To releasing itself on the body’s own terms, not to force it but to wait. The reflexes of the body are easy to instigate then it finishes it off itself.
Gary Lee Williams who has a practice in New York spoke of the dead hamster pose. I think we really do recognise it.  Look around in your office, see how people sit in their chairs.  The backs go forward, the shoulders go up, and almost become earings.  You know the one. 
Now Gary talked of the self-care that everyone can do to help off-set the Dowagers hump.  
Find a small ball of approx. 65mm in diameter soft but not too squishy.
Lie on your back on the floor, watch out for animals that want to lick you.
They can be an enthusiastic helper.

Place the ball under your C7 – T 1, you’ll know the one. It’s the big ole knob on the back at the top of your spine. 
Lay on that ball and let your spine rest on to it. After a minute or two then push your shoulders and back of your head into the floor, on the out breath.  Hold for about 7 secs.
Rest, for a bit, and repeat three times. Relax off the ball then get up and notice the different posture.
Really helpful maybe to find an empty conference room, or do it when you get home or even at the gym to relax the whole back. The other reset of the spine is:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dLxzIasOAk.
Lie on one side put the upper leg over til the knee reaches the bed and the ankle is at the knee.
Now gently twist back. Hold for a minute of two and repeat.  
Have ago and now stop the hamster pose and STAND UP STRAIGHT AND CURL YOUR SHOULDERS BACK.  It will feel uncomfortable at first as the spine starts to reset but gradually the bones and structure can change if you change the functionality.

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