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Blog 46 1 May 1, 2017
Something different.
Hi I have been absent from writing a blog for a week as I have been focusing on a project to help more people from injury, lack of concentration, diseases derived from chronic stress and more.  To help people have a quick efficient tool to help them get the optimum out of life. 
For example, Busy office day, lots of thinking, meetings, and have a report that is due next week.  And you are still waiting on a couple of others to complete their part.  You have to catch the train home or drive, sit in traffic and you are going home to a wife/husband and two or three children.  They either have to be picked up from day care, or school care.  The dinner has to be prepared and the children are eager to see you.  Some days you don’t feel as though you have the mental capacity to cope with all things.  If your spouse has been home with the children he or she will want to talk or hand over the kids for a break. And all you want is maybe a drink and a way to the cave for 30 minutes.
So what I have put together is a specific web site to help you keep this all balanced.  For example :  Plug the earphones in on your way home to either alpha or theta and this will calm the brain in 10 minutes.  Allowing you to leave work at work until such time that you have to do it again and brings you to the present moment to enjoy the family.   
There are food ideas, easy recipes – very basic. If you want a specific recipe there are so many on the web that there wasn’t any point.  But I have mentioned go to meals with foods you are likely to have in the larder.
As well as a list of foods that specifically help your cognition and health of the brain.  
Included in this site are yoga and Ortho-Bionomy.  For those of who have sampled ortho from me you know that it is a gentle way of bringing the body out of pain and balance and health back in.  Just like yoga.  As part of the web site I have performed certain exercises and they are on You tube that you can do pretty much anywhere.  Opening up the body, helping blood flow and release tension from sites around the structure. Thus making it easier to concentrate and often less snappy!  
There are also different types and lengths of meditations linked to the site that perhaps can be listened to on the way home.  On the train not whilst driving.  
If this sounds like a really good idea to you and you would like to access it go to your manager, HR, Health and wellness person and suggest that they contact me. Exclusive to companies as it covers Work Safe’s voluntary suggestions.   Prices are variable eg, 100 people in a company $6, 500 = $4, etc. There will be a serial number for every person.  No data of personal detail is entered.  It is giving information not wanting it from you.   This site co-insides with science from Harvard, MIT, ACU, and others regarding stress: immunological diseases: early death: many sick days.  Instead if followed most of these practices daily then the body will come into line and help your mind body and spirit.  It would be a yearly cost as I would continue to add more science and processes to help.  I just want less people to suffer from chronic stress and anything related to it. 
Too many people across the board have come to my practice suffering from stress related injuries or pain.  Please help me to help more people.
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