Different societies and coping with stress…

Blog 51 1st June 2017
Hello again, I apologise for not publishing on Monday but I am travelling across the world to promote STRESSLESSBUDDY.COM.  This is my new project to help more people get less stressed and enjoy life more.  As well as not needing to take sick days off either from mental fatigue or autoimmune diseases. 
At the moment I am in Hong Kong and looking around they have a very different way of conducting life. 2/3rds of the world’s population are of a collectivists society and 1/3 individualistic society.  Us westerners are individualistic and here in Hong Kong and the surrounding countries are all collectivists. 
What this means is as a collective society eg, Maori, Aborigines and other native populations, including the Pacific Islanders etc are all collectivists. These societies look after one another through generations.  So in one house hold there will be 3 generations.  This is really good for community and family in helping against stress and disease.  They have in-groups and out-groups.  Those in-groups are very loyal to each other and always consider the members of the in-group before they consider themselves.  An experiment offered a group of Chinese to take a pen from 5 pens, one was clearly more attractive to the eye than the other 4.  Mostly they took the boring pens as they considered that the beautiful pen may be needed by some one else.  However when the same test was down with westerners, (an individualistic group of people), they more often took the beautiful pen for themselves. The experiment was repeated to check validity and it was so. 
Because collective societies think of others before themselves and support each other, there are less mentally stressed people here.  Although if a business man has felt he has let down his in-group of family then he will feel stress.  However a gentlemen from an individualistic society will feel stress as everything piles on top in order to be the bread winner, parent, mate and friend to others and they have no personal support.  These will often get more autoimmune diseases, or suffer from stress.
So I think what I am trying to imply is have a great relationship with your family, friends and have a good stable set of support.  Or have a regular session with a councillor, (there is no shame) we all need an outlet.  Sometimes if an issue is bothering you and you only see it from one point view this can be quite stressful.  Trying to understand others point of view is necessary but as with most it can be difficult as things are often not what they seem.  There are often underlying issues that they may not tell you.  A dear friend always said: find out about context and purpose.  This often clears up the whys and whats.
Have a great evening and share please.

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