Connectivity – different connections to different people?

Blog 55. 10th July 2017
Connectivity, what does it mean to different people?
In this new era, new epoch it is said to be the golden era, beginning of the Malayan calendar in 2012, This is a one year a new beginning of a nine year cycle. 2 + 0 + 1 + 7=10 = 1+0= 1.
We speak of trying to connect with others through the internet in all sorts of ways, messaging, calling and even video calling.  When I grew up we thought that speaking on the phone and seeing each other, Skype, would be weird and really invading but in fact we get used to it. 
Face Book has certainly opened the doors of connectivity. Keeping families in the loop with far off relatives, grand children, on the other side of the world.  If we keep more common ground and communicate more often then, the connectivity seems more assured.  But how often have we sat amongst our families and felt completely unconnected. Alone almost yet we know we are not.  There is love all around us.  (Mostly: as always “it depends”).
And yet in this modern day society on trains, buses stations people are more often than not are using their phones, staying in their insular world.  Are they connecting with someone else?  Suicide goes up at Christmas because this is the time most people feel alone – not connected.
We live in busy cities going about our work lives earning money hopefully doing what you enjoy. We must connect as humans, we have similar interests, football, cooking, reading clubs, do we connect with all in the same way or is there a solar plexus feeling with certain people.  Psychology says it grows with exposure to each other. Research found that new students at residence make friends with the floor and stay friends. All have something in common, they are local to each other.
Why some and not others?
Is the connectivity in our DNA? Some would say soul families, We often stick together perhaps with many past lives together, if that is your thought. The seven sisters of Eve say we all come from 7 lines of DNA, perhaps there is that blueprint that we subconsciously detect.
Some manage to find that connectivity and stay together for all of their lives.  Others bang around like a pin ball, trying this trying that hoping to find the one… Some have given up trying.  Instead choosing to stay in their comfortable connections that they already have, family, friends.  Are we as souls and social animals that we are deserving of a “one”.  If we reach out and try, surely having 3-18 months of great feelings to 2-3 months of sadness. Is it worth it..? Only you will know.  Try checking in with your soul area –solar plexus when meeting someone, is “it“ there?
I think I would like to be open to new experiences to see who and what you connect with. For we as humans need that touch, that interaction, that social event.  To feel a sense of community to feel connected.

12 thoughts on “Connectivity – different connections to different people?”

  1. Social media plays a great role in our relationship with other people. Sure, it really does have advantages. If you have a Facebook account, you can message your family and friends who are miles away from you. You can also do a video chat with them. Compared to hand-written letters before, I think the medium of communication that we have now is better. But some uses it to exploit others. We have to be more careful with our connections online. It can also ruin us if we’re not careful.

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    It is not bad on having connections with other people as long as you continue having a healthy relationship. I consider this post an effective one and useful to its readers. There are many ways and roots for an individual to be destroyed mentally nowadays and I consider social media as one of them. We should avoid toxic situations and people as well in order for us to live peacefully. We should maintain having a good life by surrounding yourself with good people, good food and happy environment.

    1. Connections nowadays really are the major needed in the society. If you don’t have any then you will continue living in the plane and that was a hard one to do. I compare the situation in the real life. As you can see, people encounter a lot of happenings in a day and we, sometimes cannot control our emotional aspect and allow ourselves to be stressed. It is really important that each of every one of us help each others in order to have a happy life.

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    Connecting with people nowadays is not that hard to build. There are lots of applications, technologies and other ways to communicate. Unfortunately, these new systems and technologies have disadvantages to individuals too. Spreading the fake news are so rampant these days that is why we should be responsible enough for all the words we say. The words we say are so powerful that it can effect a bad impact to others. We should be alert at all times and practice proper reading before speaking in order to have authentic news.

  4. Nowadays, connecting with others is easy, especially for people that used technologies and applications. These technologies and applications that we used has a big impact on us. It can help us to reach others, especially our loves ones that are far from us. We just have to learn how we can use this in a proper way. Sometimes, these ways of communicating are blocking our confidence in communication with one another. Thank you for sharing a wonderful message to us.

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