What I do


Ortho-Bionomy treats many different conditions:-
Whiplash, Gently feeling through the neck bones and allowing time for the overstretched and jolted tissues to come back into alignment.
Achy chronic discomfort in the back included displaced disc, pulled muscles and spasms. The gentle positions of holding in a tensionless space to allow the structure to realign to balance.

Akashic Records Readings

The Akashic records are where you get an understanding about your soul’s journey. It is where the big questions can be asked that you may have about your life and its purpose.  The Akashic Records are where every souls journey is catalogued and stored as a file.  Here you can find out your true name and also contact loved ones.


Naturopathy is a scientific art that has been around for thousands of years.  The Egyptians were amongst the first to appreciate herbs and their healing and curative powers. in naturopathy,  I listen to your symptoms, and through experience and knowledge, work with you to obtain optimum results

Nutrition analysis and advice

Good nutrition is critical in helping your body and mind function optimally.  When analysing your nutritional needs, I get you to tell me about your current eating habits – what you eat and when.  I listen to what you tell me about your symptoms and what you are able to do today, compared with other times in your life. 


I run a special detoxification programme and analyse your needs individually.  In this programme the first priority is to cleanse the bowel and liver – the primary victims of poor nutrition in the body.  We look for tell-tale underlying symptoms that you’re not eating to suit your body – these include  headaches, nervousness, anxiety, tiredness, insomnia, a white coated tongue

Stress and Anxiety work shops

I offer work shops to help recognize, and deal with stress on all levels. breathing techniques, music to help calm the brain to work more efficiently and meditate.  I also explain the science of basic yoga and meditation.  I then explain foods that help the brain to work better cognitively. 

Personal coaching

As part of the naturopathic practice of healing of mind, body and spirit I coach and support clients to deal not only with physical but also life issues, including grief, motivation, direction, decision making.  Through a process of inquiry I work with you to find answers to questions you may not want to ask, and help you find out what you really want in life and to help you build a better, more balanced and healthy future.  I bring to my coaching my naturopathic training which includes counselling, my spiritual training in India, and my own experience of life. 

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Please feel free to make an appointment any of the times marked as available on the calendar.  I very much look forward to seeing you!

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