Being alone is more important than you think

Blog 50…. 23rd May 2017
Wow I made it to 50 blogs.  And pretty much every week.  In the beginning I was afraid and felt awkward about doing these and whether it would be good enough.  But looking back I feel quite proud at what I have accomplished.  It was about getting over the anxiety and the judgement of others that may or may not have been there.  But we can easily blow things out of proportion in our own mind.  FEAR = false evidence appears real.  And this is a perfect observation of what we make up in our own minds.  We need to trust our own judgement and be sure of the decisions that we make.  We rush around hoping to accomplish “stuff”.  Is all the “stuff” necessary?  If we really stop to think – why do we fill up our lives with stuff that we think we should enjoy? What is expected of us? What helps is culling some of the chores, activities, visits etc.
I found a great quote from Paramahansa Yogananda, “Every individual needs a period of aloneness or solitude in order to cope with the increasing pressures of life…. Do not encroach upon one another’s independence. 
Yoganada was a great Guru and left India and went to America, he went into monk hood quite early – it was his calling and to spread the word of Eastern philosophy .  His philosophy was for love, serving others, treat others as you would be expected to be treated.  Harm no one and live and accept with no judgement.  Meditate to get closer to bliss and God.  A wonderful philosophy. He started centres in America and has been directed by his higher self to help spread the word.  Working with all other religions, lectured all over America, had conversations with eminent scientists, leaders of politics and leaders of different churches. 
To be alone, for some it is often a challenge, always wanting someone there, to distract, to entertain, to occupy time.  However the brain, the body and the energy needs to recharge and we need to learn who we are.  I realised when married and in other relationships that I was always compromising on furniture tastes, art tastes, music being played.  I never really knew who I was, what I liked in paint, wallpaper, ornaments. I think sometimes if it isn’t important to us we can lose our individual style.  Parents often loose it for the children and family home.  This also can happen if you do split from a long term partner and then go straight into another relationship – give yourself time to find out who you really are.  What do you enjoy doing? Once you find out do it and to hell with everyone else. (safe stuff 🙂  )
Everyone needs time out from the world.  Meditation is great for that. Check out YouTube and lose yourself – even if it’s just for 20 minutes.  Give yourself a rest, your body a rest and above all, your brain, your soul and your spirit.  Have a great week.

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    This is one of my reason why I am comfortable of being alone. Even if I’m already married, we always find time to be alone and just do the things that we want to do by ourselves. We don’t demand attention from each other. We respect each other’s privacy. It may sound a bit lonely but we are both comfortable with this set up. I love working with him but we have our own personality. We don’t force ourselves to keep in touch. This way, we preserve our own self and continue to support each other.

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