The Power of positive thinking – slightly alternative.

Blog 47 9th May 2107

Hi again, another week, another day, another dollar.  That’s how it goes doesn’t it.  Unless of course you spring out of bed, look forward to a day’s work and can’t wait be there and turn on the computer.
Your energy is high you have had a great night’s sleep and all is well in the world, unfortunately this is not really a common feeling.  Gratitude for what we have – even the small things.  If you are struggling go small, really small, like “I am grateful the kids didn’t finish off the milk for my tea”, or “I am grateful that the train didn’t get cancelled.”  Even if your life feels like a drag try and think of something special.  I believe I have mentioned about the hmmmmm moment in your like.  For me is was when I was hanging out with my grown up children in Ruakaka, Northland.  We jogged on the beach, we played ball in the ocean.  Simple yet so memorable and always brings me up from a dark place if I happen to slip down.  I also think of it when I meditate to help my focus, but often it makes me smile physically and I am trying to relax all of my muscles, including mouth and cheeks.  But this kind of thought really helps focus to begin with.  This kind of thought can distract from what is getting you down, this kind of feel good thought stops you from being sucked into another’s negativity.
So if someone is always a downer, has nothing positive to say, always complains of things that you have never even considered were bad.  If you have to stand or sit there listening to them think of your sweet thoughts, the happy thoughts.  Often negative people like to have comrades in arms to give them validation for feeling bad, so will try to get agreement about a negative point.  However you have a choice……
One phrase comes to mind “Can I just stop you there.”  Then change the subject.  This helps stopping people in their tracks of going down that slippery slope of commiseration and negativity.  What these feelings do to your body is stress the very bases of your being. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese gentlemen  looked at the energy of some water in our country -NZ, what he found was water carries and absorbs energy. For example, the Waikato river when frozen and shaved to see a part under a microscope was confusion and chaos of the water crystals, and a slight muddy brown.  This was not happy water. However they tested another couple of water supplies namely Petone and Lake Wanaka, when frozen they came back looking like a snow flake, almost symmetrical and clear patterns. This is happy water.  Imagine if you are that negative what is happening deep down in your fluids and we are 80% water and fluid.
Please try to stay positive and do not let negative people take up your time.
Have a great week.

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