Barmy Army, creativity and the Source.

Blog 54:  July 3, 2017
The weekend just passed the All Blacks lost and the Lions won, so much is invested in to the national team.  It is great for the tourism from the Barmy Army, what a great name for them all.  Its good to see so many getting out and driving around the country.  As locals sometimes we forget how amazing our back yard is – well the nearest area of bush.  Which is not that far away from anybody.  I have heard it say that for about a 40 min drive for anybody in New Zealand is the coast.  So how cool is that when you think about some Japanese travel 4 hours to get to a golf course.  Commuting for 90 mins at a time is not unheard of in other places.  So much time travelling.  I guess now at least you can work on a train, but driving well you have to have eyes on the road.  So whilst driving why not try
Gamma music. It is really good for getting you ready for work.  Crick – Nobel prize winner on discovering DNA double helix existed, believed it was the sound of creation.  Imagine creating your day and it turning out like you envisaged.   How cool would that be.  That’s what the message seems to be again and again, The Secret… that was all about visualization, red bike, nice house, better job.
I too was a cynic, but don’t knock it until you try it.  Then what always got me was that if it didn’t work then the “chosen” or “They”  or as my father used to say “The Clan of They” said it was to wait and it wasn’t the right one.   Sometimes its really hard believing that.
Believing in the higher self, what is that to different people, God, Allah, Mohammad, Jesus, Mary, Krishna, Buddha, and all of those reincarnations.  So many variations but really all from the same source.
Then the question is – what is the source?
To put it in layman’s terms, why can’t we just get on.  Does it really matter about the
Treat others as we would expect to be treated. Treat others with love and respect. 

If we can do that in the office, at home and live more in the conscious mind (mindfulness) than the subconscious which happens to be about 95% (unmindfulness) . change our patterns it does take practice.  The brain is plastic remember and takes approx. 8 weeks. E.g., home a little tense and you are trying to get your 3 year olds shoes off and partner pops head round the door and asks a really basic question and you snap.  Answer automatically.  Perhaps you sound like your mum or dad. In order to break that unconscious answering we have to make a concerted effort.  Change the patterns.  Perhaps we can try that at work – just a thought,

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    The source of our creativity is through mindfulness. We should be open minded to every possibility. We shouldn’t close out an opportunity for any given reason. Let us always open our hearts to what God has offered us. Through him, we are open to a new journey in our lives.

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