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About Me

Getting the most out of a healthy life


I have been a practitioner for over 20 years starting with massage, going on to a diploma in Natural Therapies (a thesis of both sides of vaccination), including iridology, nutrition, massage, lymphatic drainage, menu planning, herbs, supplements.  I then began training in Ortho-Bionomy® here in Wellington New Zealand.  I travelled to India and stayed on an Ashram (monastery) to learn philosophy, yoga, and meditation.  I taught yoga there after 3 months of training.  We followed Yogananda. Love, kindness, acceptance to the Western world from the East.

I landed in NZ in 1994, I have two amazing children who are now making their way in this world.

I have a book published Pegasus Publishing; Seeing, Feeing, Hearing and Being with Spirit.

This is a book to help people understand and learn about what they can feel but not see. Also with these symbols channelled to help people to better health.  Answers to questions of explanations to the harder challenges to life and how to conduct yourself with integrity and very little ego. Using acceptance and non-judgement every day.