What My Clients Say


I saw Tiffany when I was struggling with pain and lack of energy.  After each session I felt like a different person, so full of energy. I feel light, my pain would disappear and felt really good; it;s hard to put into words.


Human resources

Tiff fixed a recurrent back problem that had plagued me for decades, including side effects like bad headaches..now gone. She is great at what she does; highly knowledgeable about anatomy, physiology and neurophysiology, and has good humour. Tiff loves her work, and it shows.



I float all the way back to work when I’ve been to see Tiffany!  She always manages to make my body feel normal again.  She’s like a good mechanic that you trust with your prized car.  She’s intuitive to the body’s tune and knows where those sneaky pains are coming from.  She’s funny, she listens, she offers good advice, she honest and forthright…. and I trust and feel comfortable with her.


Records specialist

I was initially recommended to see Tiffany to help manage stress and symptoms from endometriosis.  Right from the first session, Tiffany made me feel comfortable and relaxed.  She’s incredibly supportive and knowledgeable and has a strong intuitive sense of what my body needs.  Tiffany has also helped me to manage my grief after the sudden loss of my father.  Emotionally and physically I feel the best I ever have, and a large part of that is owed to the services which are so skillfully provided by Tiffany.


Education specialists

I’m coming off the back of a serious disc injury in my spine.  My wife had been seeing Tiffany and suggested I see her too.  As a not too dystypical male, I had my reservations but I’m happy to report that my concerns were fruitless.  Tiffany’s services have proved to be surprisingly helpful in the continuation of my recovery from my injury, and also a better understanding of my body and pain management.  As someone who does not like to waste time nor money, I am happy to recommend Tiffany’s services.


Senior manager of large hotel

For many years I have suffered from lower back pain.  Since I have been seeing Tiffany the pain has all gone.  With take home exercises and an understanding of how my body works.  Tiffany and I have worked together to lessen the episodes of pain.  Thank you so much Tiffany.


HR advisor

In any profession, work/life balance is important.  Every two weeks I treat my body to a massage with Tiffany.  Tiffany’s massage varies according to the needs of my body.  I appreciate her style of massage, her professional, welcoming and cheerful manner, and her selection of music.  I always leave feeling this has been an hour well spent.



Three years ago I suddenly got severe upper back and arm pain, that was the beginning of a long journey which ended when I began sessions with Tiffany.  I had been to see physiotherapists, RSI specialists, osteopaths and a chiropractor, finally taking medication, all to little avail.  An operation sorted out the cause but it was Tiffany’s work that was the final step in the process of getting back to normal.  I am finally pain free, something I had almost given up on.



Tiffany is a true healer.  I would recommend her to anyone. Tiffany’s innate sense of the spiritual and her intuition enables her to go right to the source of pain or discomfort – and fix it.  I am very particular about who I will lay naked in a room with!  I have trusted my body to Tiffany for 7 years, and have no inclination of giving that up anytime soon.


Project manager

I have been a client of Tiffany for many years, initially I became aware of her services as part of her program of 15 min portable chair massage, organized by a large business organisation I was working for at the time.  Tiffany was enlisted to provide these massages from a spare meeting room within the building, bookings were required for a session with her, competition for these time slots were fierce and it was a race to get the booking sheet to secure a placement.  Happy with the results of these treatments, I have since initiated a fortnightly regime of Tiffany and her portable chair massage with my collegues at my current place of work.  The benefits have been immeasurable, addictive and highly sort after.  I, and many of my collegues, have moved on to become client’s of Tiffany’s outside the workplace, and we now enjoy full sessions at her tranquil rooms.
Tiffany provides a comfortable non-stressful environment that leaves you relaxed and a lot more physically comfortable then when you initially walked in.  I would strongly recommend her expertise to anyone seeking some physical therapy, whether that is coming along to one of her yoga classes or enjoying her massage.


Manager, Visitor services

I have experienced great success through ortho-bionomy sessions with Tiffany.  In comparison to other forms of treatment, I find it very intuitive with the human body.  Tiffany works to ensure individual needs are addressed.  My overall flexibility has increaased and a number of old injuries have disappeared.  Tiffany often includes small dietary changes which have been very effective.  I usually find any issues from desk-bound work or gardening injuries can be resolved within a few sessions or less.  I enjoy the results of ortho-bionomy!