Eight weeks to form a habit – brain plasticity.

Blog 48 16th May 2017
The change in eight weeks.
Soon I will be going overseas again.  This trip is to Denver Colorado to speak at a conference about brain plasticity and ortho-bionomy®.  What I have found in using Ortho bringing the brain back to balance in more or less 8 weeks. “They” say it takes eight weeks to form a habit and here’s why…
The neurons which were originally thought to be static and once you had reached your peak – approx. 22 -24 years old then the neurons start dying.  This has now been found to be wrong. (Nothing is absolute in science.)  This is good news.  What scientist have found is that the brain continues to make new stem cells in the hippocampus.  Unfortunately if you are chronically stressed this process is slowed down. Especially as the hippocampus shrinks in stress as does its capacity to remember and store memories and produce stem cells.  Now scientists have grown a brain from stem cells.  The cells and their DNA coding helped them go to the places where there are designed.  They grew, organised, changed according to task, formed and grew some more.  It doesn’t work like a brain as there is no electricity to boost it and make it compute but the fact that this can happen shows us we can help parts of the brain regenerate in case of severe brain damage.  The possibilities are endless.
Now forming a habit over eight weeks starts by the first action.  This fires a neuron to do this task.  Repeat it and the signal gets stronger along the same neuron.  Keep doing this task – say juggling and the neurons will build a strong network signalling this movement and control.
Whilst I was working with amnesia I treated the area with ortho-bionomy and I was able to stimulate a change back to balance and to remember who she was and other memories, father, mother, home etc.  This took eight weeks for the memories to begin to come back, and gradually with faster recollection and more memories.  Through brain plasticity we are able to bring balance back to our lives by stimulating the self-healing mechanism.  Concussion, dyslexia, dyscalculia and social phobia can all be treated by using our own brain mechanism and ortho-bionomy.
People at first if they are trying to meditate find it hard to quieten the noise of thoughts of the day.  Persevere as it is worth it, this helps the brain change with more efficiency.  Whilst the brain is still in meditation it is repairing and resting.  When people say they are an active relaxer that is great but you are still using your brain to control the activity, to move the limbs etc. It takes close to a dozen times for the mind to still.  There are great You Tube meditations to follow.  Do the meditation and practice the task, be it exercise regime, juggling, no sugar or quit smoking the two will work much more efficiently with your brain to help that change and keep it.  

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