November 07th, 2017

Blog 57    7th November 2017

Hi Everyone
It’s been a while due to hacking of the accounts, is nothing sacred? Why these people take pleasure in upsetting peoples’ lives I have no idea…..threatening virus’ to others and their friends. What is the point?  All I hope is that they get caught and karma will get them in the end.
So today I was talking with some yoga students where I teach and they wondered how I look so good at 51.  I have dropped down to a steady 62kg, (I have been up to 120kg twice in my life, hovered around 80-95kgs for some time too.) I feel great and all it took was some mindfulness about what goes into my mouth.  And a bit of a jiggle with different foods.

It’s about thinking what foods can do what, how to not to eat so much.  Originally we as humans often went without food, depending on the season.  Like the people in Alaska, hunting for winter and if they don’t get enough then they have to ration or go without.  Here of course food is plentiful, we never go hungry unless you are strapped for cash, and only have enough to feed the kids.  This happens even here unfortunately but generally not in the cities of plenty.

It doesn’t hurt anyone to go without food for a short time, the body is okay about it.  (Unless of course you have a serious medical condition that requires pills with food, – however there is nothing wrong with just eating piece of fruit of veggies to aid the digestion for the pills.)
The hungry feeling for a short time is what we used to go through.  The diet of 5:2 is the one where on any two days of the week you only have 500 calories the other 5 days you eat sensibly.  People are driven to oral fixations, and out of habituation.  Fasting stops that habit but must seek a professional for advice on that if you want to do it for longer than 3 days.

The ELF diet works – Eat Less Food…. Don’t have carbs late unless you are about to exercise, if you are craving for something have a cuppa or a glass of water and lemon, wait for half an hour and see if you really really need it, want it…. Etc.  If you are not big on breakfast then don’t eat it. I have found that when eating breakfast I am hungry by 11- 12 midday, and if I don’t eat breakfast I am hungry by about 11-12 midday, so actually loading on the calories by having breakfast that my body doesn’t need.  Boredom is another factor, get busy, phone a friend, write an email don’t shove unnecessary food in your gob.  It is that simple.  A dear friend used to work in a health food store selling supplements, a popular one is green coffee bean, or a slimming tablet. Someone asked if it worked… “If it worked don’t you think I would be taking it… look at me!” She is about a size 14-16.
Just be mindful, choose wisely.

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