Exercise 4…Another couple of thoughts…

Blog 46 17th April 2017
Exercise 4:
I trust you have a good week and feel well rested after the Easter break, and off course the Easter eggs.  It’s nice to be a child again and enjoy the hunt for the chocolate yumminess.  Especially if the chocolate is from a reputable chocolatiere where the quality of the cacao is high.   The chocolate will have much less sugar than the high street brands.  Always worth a treat. 
Chocolate – the higher percentage above 70% then this can help with exercise.  Eat about 40 grams about 20 minutes before exercising and this will help your veins and muscles perform with more efficiently. Carrying around more haemoglobin and oxygen. Better performance and less tiredness.  I asked a friend to try this but he was a 6 am exerciser but found it hard to stomach chocolate at that time of day.  However when he did do it the performance of exercise was more efficient.
There are two theories about stretching. Some believe you should do it cold so that you can adjust and not over stretch a tendon or muscle.  Whereas if warm then others believe you can go further and this is a good thing.  The side of cold stretches say it can over stretch or pull the muscle if too much and too warm.  IF done in moderation when warm – do not over stretch then I think that is ideal.
When coming back from a bout of exercise – particularly walking, running or cycling then the best way is just to sit, either crossed legged on floor or on your knees and sit on the heels to stretch the quads.  If you have just come back from a hard race and near the sea, go stand in it.  This helps with keeping the lactic acid to a minimal.  (A waste product of aerobic exercise in the muscles)
If you have begun at the gym it is always worthwhile having a session with a personal trainer so that you get the correct instruction on some of the machinery there.  IF you are a beginner and never really exercise then GO EASY I didn’t realise when first went; hopped up on the cross trainer, did 40 minutes at realtively hard intensity – thought at the time this is okay.  Hmmmm I was so wrong, could hardly move the next three days.  I was so sore.  Realised I knew nothing which was good.  Ask and start right.
There are so many exercise forms that it is worth trying many to find out your thing.  Lone people tend to run, cycle, yoga, pilates, and social are netball (always a league somewhere close), golf, football, rugby – although not so great for the body in the long term.  As well as racket/ball sports. 
There is always fencing or martial arts, tai chi, and many more.  The hardest part is getting out of the front door. 
Enjoy and sweat its good for the body.

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