Pregnancy, and new babies, PND, how to help.

Blog 42 20th March 2017
So it’s my son’s 21st today, hard to believe , the time has gone pretty quickly. Although sometimes it felt like it dragged music recitals, dance shows and cricket….
I was thinking back when I was pregnant and the whole giving birth thing.  Now the thing for sure is that it is different for every woman.  Every delivery and everything that follows on.  There are some women that just can’t breast feed and they get given judgemental looks.  Many reasons to not be able to.
It’s tricky being a new mum, and incredibly scary, I thought the head would fall off.  What I did learn is that they are incredibly resilient.  Survival, and nature makes it so.
 Following on from last week, depression or grief blog; there is also Post Natal Depression, PND. These are horrific symptoms, I was afraid to go outside, to answer the phone, my teeth started to grind, and the washing up was so hard.  I went to counselling and she suggested Prozac.  At the time I was studying homoeopathy and had completed 2 years at Naturopathy College in Auckland, so was keen not to go down that road.  And to compound issues I was pregnant again and didn’t want to take drugs whilst pregnant.
I called my homoeopath in Auckland and she prescribed me Sepia 1M, this remedy pointed towards my apathy, among other symptoms, grinding teeth etc. Within a week I had stopped grinding my teeth. Two weeks I started to go out and take my son for walks. I stepped up my fish oil, and zinc.  This started to help.  If this is you if possible try and see or call a naturopath or homoeopath, the can, worth a try first before pharmaceuticals.
They call it the Baby Blues, we as new mothers are expected to be joy and happy but three weeks in and a wall hits.  I think we have to accept that we aren’t perfect and that it’s okay to make mistakes.  And sometimes a new baby won’t harm itself if it cries for 10 mins.  Give yourself a breather.
Another useful hint for new mothers is try and breast feed whilst lying down in bed. You won’t roll on your child, (unless under the influence of anything) Mother Nature and instinct kicks in. It allows you to sleep as well.
If your new born is crying, can’t be settled, especially after a feed, have it checked out by an osteopath CS therapy, or an ortho-bionomist.  If the birth was long and drawn out then the chances are that the hips are slightly out of alignment.
Massage your new born or small child, it can help settle them and if possible have your partner massage your feet. They can help the well-being of your body too.
Have a good week.

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