Grief and sadness, ways to help…

Blog 41 13th March 2017
Hello; so there’s been a change in the weather and now here in Wellington we have to start wrapping up warm.  Interestingly enough there is a kind of depression that forms from lack of sunlight. SAD – seasonal attention depression.   This really shows how important vitamin D is, and if you live in a country with little sunlight – especially in the winter months then you may have a tendency for this.  I used to as I lived in London and getting up before daylight  was common, even though it was 7 am, going to work on the underground, staying inside all day.  Not to mention the grey and bleak days of London winter. I used to have sun beds or capsules.  Went in there for 6-8 mins once a fortnight or so and that really helped.  Stimulated my own skin cells to produce vitamin D.  People frown upon tanning beds but in moderation and for a short time they can actually help the body’s own immunity.  Sadly some people have over used it and have been prone to skin cancer.
There are different kinds of sadness and depression and I think it is important to understand the differences. There is also grief for a loved one or of something dear to you. 
Grief; it is okay to feel sad and grief stricken, you may have lost a close friend or relative.  You should feel sad.  This also goes for a break up of a partnership.  Energetically there is a hole in the molecules that make up your energy field.  Where that persons energy was part of yours. They have left for one reason or another and there is an empty hole.  It can take time to fill it.  This is different from depression.  Grief has generally a life cycle of anything from 3 months to two years.  Even though the days seem so hard – a hole in the heart (Scientists have found evidence of the oxytocin neuro receptors in the heart muscle.  This are our love neurons – so if your heart hurts that is why.  A lack of oxytocin in the heart.)  A way to help the cycle is to think happy thoughts of that loved one.  A reason to celebrate their life.   Rescue remedy can help along with walnut, gorse, and gentian. 
A letter to them writing down all the good and the bad then burning it – symbolically let them go.  Fill your day with estimable things to do for others.  It helps. However the grief does need to be processed and everyone is different. If it gets pushed down too often, or denied then what I notice is that the body starts to break down.  Generally at their weakest point, some with asthma, eczema, arthritis.  Grief is still a stress on the body.  Look after it.  That’s why writing, or meditating or just crying can really help.  But there has to be a limit.  Set yourself a time slot.  I found 3 -14 days appropriate for different things, but I myself have learnt efficiency in this. Wallow in your own self-pity but only for a short time.  And of course “time does heal”…

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