Exercise, the beginning…

Blog 43 27th March 2017
So one thing I haven’t really covered is about sport and exercise.  This is such a huge topic that I will probably take 3 or 4 blogs to cover what I want to say.
Generally this blog is about health and coping with stress.  Exercise is ideal when having to deal with stress and or even depression or anxiety.  Often with our busy lives we feel we can’t even take an hour or even half an hour for our own exercise.  This also isn’t that appealing if you are not used to exercising. I didn’t start til I was about 38.  I thought all exercise was running for the bus or train.  I did attempt to run once when I was 22 and living in London, I almost died, took me all afternoon to recover but I later learnt a lot from this experience.
I found that I couldn’t take on board water and that I dehydrated quickly, what helps is putting a little salt in your water to help you hydrate and stave off a headache.  The body absorbs this far easier than water on its own.
My muscles were fatigued and took ages to get back to normal. I hadn’t done any exercise for 6 years from school – that was only once a week.  I could swim but didn’t really.  Later when in India I started yoga, this seemed to suit me better because I didn’t have to puff and pant. Just hold.  Strength was different – a different kind of fitness. 
I have also run a women’s gym in greater wellington and have done lots of Zumba.  – That is fun if you like to dance and great for the core.
There are many theories about exercise, too much, too little, stresses the body, makes you sag more as you get older. There are also web pages on how to keep your hip flexors moving, how to do cross fit, run, you name it there is a You Tube on it.  All saying theirs is the one…  I remember when Chuck Norris was advertising the ab flexor and the stiff rubber bands to train with.  “Send no money now…” kind of thing.  It’s about finding the right kind of exercise that suits you.
Chemically when exercising and have got to the point where you are finding it easier every week to do consistently the exercise that you are doing, eg, jogging, playing netball, going to the gym, attending Pilates.   Perhaps if you take more than a 2-3 day break you might actually miss it, or some even get cranky depending on their fitness level.  These hormones are called endorphins – I’m sure most have heard of them.  Like a feel good drug you can get withdrawals. It’s not bad enough to stop you exercising or never taking it up but just be aware.  The hormones help make more of the good hormones, dopamine, and serotonin so this helps against depression and anxiety.  Many people take to jogging in order to relieve their stress.  Running out in the open and thinking out their day really helps.  It’s a relaxer, walking is also great.  If you don’t want to specifically go out to exercise make it part of your day.  Cycle or walk to and from station, bus stop etc.  Park away from the entrance of the supermarket, and of course take the stairs where you can.   Aqua hogging is also great with no impact.  More to be discussed next week…

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