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Blog 40 6th March 2017
HI there I hope you have had a lovely week where ever you are. 
This week I am going to talk about Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).  This sadly afflicts 1 in 5 people and is very painful and unpredictable.  Basically both the large and small intestine have lost their capacity to have a regular peristaltic movement which aid the food to move through the intestine and eventually out it comes… However people with IBS the peristaltic movement has become erratic, the muscles are either too quick and too strong which brings on cramping and pain.  Or they are too weak and everything slows down and it can back up.  A person can experience both diarrhoea and constipation depending on their stress levels or what they have eaten. 
Legumes, brussel sprouts (the most hated veggie in the world!!!) cabbage, beans and onions.  These can produce too much gas and will be very painful, wind can get trapped and spasms in the gut ensue, bloating and there can be mucus in the bowel movements.  This is a natural protection for the body to stop the irritation but unfortunately the food/nutrients are not always absorbed, because of this some find themselves in a state of malnutrition.  Digestive enzymes can help along with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water with meals. 
Heavy proteins are not ideal – these being all red meats and even pork have a fibrous network of muscle and can be really hard for the gut to cope with. Chicken is okay however fish would be better as heat destroys the collagen that holds the muscle fibres together.  Also having lots of fish will help with the omega 3 fats.  Saturated fats stop absorption of other nutrients as it just goes straight through. Good fats help soothe and repair the gut as well as protection from free radical damage.
Stay away from any artificial sweeteners – these are bad actually for everyone… Caffeine can have a detrimental effect too, along with carbonated and alcoholic beverages, all these are stimulants and can cause pain and stress to the inside of your gut.  Some people also have an intolerance for either wheat or dairy.  It might be worthwhile staying off one or the other for about 10 days to 3 weeks and if some of the symptoms lessen then there is a clue.
Stress is definitely a factor and the wrong foods for a long time can also cause IBS.
What can ease it:-
Slippery elm is one of my favourite herbs, it is a carminative (soothes the gut wall), it is also a potent anti-inflammatory for most of the body systems.  It is easier to take in a pill, but a powder mixed with water and taken is good to sooth sore throats and stomachs.
Turmeric, as a potent anti-inflammatory, chamomile tea, calcium, magnesium is an anti-spasmodic mineral and will help lessen the spasms and cramps, 50mls of good aloe vera juice with no sugar if possible will also sooth and bring down inflammation.  A good B vitamin complex, aids the nervous system and ginger which aids the entire 3 metres of gut.
If you have done a fast before then I recommend another if the IBS has come back, as not eating gives the whole body and bowel a rest so that the body can repair.  But talk to your health care practitioner if unsure as to how to prepare or do.
If you have any further questions just email me at tiffany66@ihug.co.nz

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