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Blog 45 10th April 2017
Exercise part 3.
There are many sports that are promoted in schools with the hope that these good healthy habits are continued on in adult life.
What I have found is that children who did ballet, gymnastics, and dance are often the ones to continue on to yoga or even dance.  Their bodies also are more trained to do these things, so as a parent I took both my kids to gymnastics, or dance in order to get their bodies moving and to set them up for adult life.  As an ortho-bionomist I notice the adults with the least amount of moving seem to have more problems with their backs.  So as a parent see if you can get your children to exercise and stretch their bodies, trampoline and circus training are also very good.  This helps with the development of the balance and core strength. 
Circus can be really fun for kids, not too taxing but great for their bodies.  With strength in a body it also gives them confidence to hold their own if the need arises.  Martial arts are great for any age, and these exercises certainly help you stretch and develop core strength for the body.  Martial arts also teach people to read energy and to go with the path of least resistance.  Basic defence courses can really help and again one gains confidence.  Once you learn the basics you can just practice in the back yard or garage.  You often don’t need to go somewhere to exercise you can do it anywhere.  Like I said doing a plank while the kettle boils…..  Put a heavy back pack on and go for a walk up a hill.
All these things are very accessible but you have to want to do it. And consistency is the key.  So that is why it is often easier just building it into your daily lives, or the commute to work.
As with so much of the advertising it’s all about getting active.  Sometimes if you are already spread thin for time that is the last thing you want to do.  If you are a mum that watches or is tied up with watching school sport then what can be useful is going for a run around the pitch several times or even brisk walking.  You are there anyway so you might as well make use of their warm up time before the match.  – Just a thought.
Often I think the hardest part is getting out the door and going to whatever it is, Zumba, a run, a swim but I find if I don’t have an opinion or thought about it and just do it then I feel so much better when I get back. The endorphins have been released and it produces a body and mind contentment. 
However if new at exercising it takes about five times of doing it before you see or feel results. Stick at it, and at least you are doing something and gradually it will build.
Enjoy (eventually) …

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