Summer foods, how good are they :-) read and share slurp!

Blog 38 20th February 2017,
I trust everyone is enjoying the sunshine here in Wellington – making the most of what little we have.  As we all know sunlight is a source of Vitamin d for us.  BBC knowledge tested this fact and measured it up against salmon 100grm every day for 28 days, and another group took 40 micro units a day.  The last group had to expose some of their skin to the sun for 20 minutes a day and then they compared groups.  It turns out that getting 20 minutes of sun is just as efficient as the other two groups. Too much vitamin D taken as a supplement can damage the liver so caution must be taken.  So again nature wins.  Enjoy the sun a little each day.  Make the most especially Wellingtonians!
As its summer I thought a good idea would be to explain summer fruits and how good they are for us.
They are in the markets and supermarkets. Apricots, nectarines, peaches, watermelon. Grapes, kiwi fruit and oranges. Along with delicious berries and plums. Slurp, yum.
Apricots: these little juices, help prevent heart disease, and aid in good eyesight with the beta carotenoids.  Also against oral cavity cancers- throat, mouth. Act as scavengers against free radical damage.
Nectarines/peaches: High in nutrients, potassium, carotenes to help eye sight and the liver.  If your liver functions are askew then your brain doesn’t function to the best of its ability.
Watermelon: This is high in essential nutrients, potassium, sodium which his essential for brain functioning.  The ideal summer fruit helps prevents colon cancer and is full of lycopene’s that help eye, liver function and fight against cancer.
Grapes: this are high in polyphenols phytochemical – resveratrol.  This is a highly effective anti-oxidant that fights against colon and prostrate cancer, heart disease, and protection against strokes.  It has anthocyanins which make the blood vessel stronger and help repair and thinness showing in the capillary system. Helps bring down high blood pressure.  A lovely edition to a cheese board. 
Kiwi Fruit:  this is a lovely wee fruit, great on pavlovas instead of strawberries.  They help with digestion by aiding the enzyme’s break down food in the gut and stomach.  Also promotes the peristalsis movement in the gut to help keep you regular. This fruit has many great minerals and vitamins to help protect against free radical damage from this toxic chemical world.
Doris plums, and berries: Because this are dark again like red/black grapes these too keep the integrity of the circulatory system.  All those amazing vitamins, to help your body and mind function to its optimum.  
Oranges: Along with what you already know about oranges, lots of vitamins and anti-oxidants to help bring down inflammation.  The pith of the orange contains bioflavonoids which helps the absorption of the good nutrients and stops the absorption of cholesterol which raise blood pressure.
As its summer indulge in these beautiful fruits, stew them, throw them in salads, strawberries with cream cheese go well together. Summer puddings the list is endless.  Enjoy and do your body some good 😉

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