Structure governs function – Look after yourselves

Blog 18 22nd August 2016
Structure as it governs your function…
Well another week has gone by and I hope that you are trying some of the self-care exercises, or the square breathing if feeling anxious or stressed;  lowering the fight and flight pathway so that life can be managed and you don’t get sucked into someone else’s drama.  Or doing the pencil in the ear to keep the neck loose and not stiff or sore. 
I have been in Adelaide at the Ortho-bionomy conference where I spoke about how it has helped mood conditions or non-efficient brain processes.  Using the knowledge I have from learning psychology and neuroscience to help people get back to normal.  I have used it to help people with anxiety, so much so that they can be “normal” (or whatever that really means J).    I also spoke of a case I had with retro amnesia (no memories before the accident), how it helped to bring back these memories by stimulating the brains plasticity to get back to balance and efficiency.  Much like stroke people do with rehabilitation and determination.  I also spoke about how it helped someone 9 years later after their accident with a serious brain injury and was slurring their words.  The way I worked with the Broca area (temporal lobe) that is responsible for the annunciation of words, and how she now slurs no more.  Unfortunately I do not have scientific proof from an MRi  – if anyone knows where I could validate the data with a MRi please let me knowJ .
Other speakers talked of stability of the pelvis and how this can make a great difference in carrying oneself forward in this way, ie, walking or running. How Ortho-bionomy and the Alexander Technique are two very profound and life changing modalities and how they complement each other. The way we carry ourselves through space in the most efficient way using the structure of the body in a smooth movement with the least amount of stress to the body.  
I often speak of stress and how it affects us, not only stress in the mind but also the body.  If our body isn’t aligned then this causes stress to the structure.  It alters the functionality of the body.  Our lower back hurts so the body compensates, this then sets in a pattern of discomfort and the body tries to adjust and compensates of the “glitch” and other parts gets distorted. Examples of this are bunions or scoliosis.  The body becomes compromised while sleeping and the body cannot heal, rest down properly, or relax.  Sleep then is not the best and we need good sleep. If this is the case then find a practitioner that not only helps you out of the pain but also addresses the underlying problem and that may be from an accident many years ago, whip lash, motorbike accident etc.
Function governs structure…
We service our cars regularly, why don’t we service our bodies? This can be as simple as having a few hours of rest to ourselves to recuperate.
Look after yourselves 🙂  nobody else will.  

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