Relax a little and enjoy.

Blog 32 19th December 2016,
Well we are nearing the end of the year and I noticed people are tired.  It’s as if we know the end is soon, and we have almost already checked out. It is like having given in our notice at work and the brain has left the building.  I notice in my practice there is a general “over it” kind of feeling and everyone is looking forward to their well-earned rest. And we do deserve it.  If you have been working hard all year and had very little time off then this is your time.  Hopefully you will have time off – especially in between the stat holidays; Christmas and New Year.
This is the time where you are excused from feeling guilty.  Stop and rest. Park up in the deck chair and watch nothing. Or the kids in the sea, or read a book, or chat idly with your friends and family. 
I know and understand it takes a fair amount of organising, packing, washing appropriate attire for the family.   It helps to write a list and perhaps give the family their allotted tasks.  If you feel it won’t get done then do it yourself and don’t be a martyr. Do it because it means you’ll get a good holiday, way then you know it will be packed.  Trust those who can carry out a task.  It’s not worth the stress in chasing people unless absolutely necessary.  If people offer help – take it, designate and relax more.  If a small task doesn’t get done it won’t really, really matter, unless it’s a case of life and death….!
Once you are parked up or have found your campsite/hotel/motel/holiday home work out some rules so that everyone carries their weight around the place.  Designate meals for family members.  Have a rotation on washing/cleaning up.   It’s worth the effort that way all can have a night off. And not feel guilty about it.  Have a drink, have a dessert.
Have a stroll before you do the dishes.  Acceptance of others that do it their way (They may take longer folding, drying, rinsing, etc it’s not a biggy!) is also having time off.  Try not to control the little things. 
If you have had a great tramp or walk and your back aches slightly, have a bath if possible with Epsom salts, found in supermarket often in the soap area.  And once home and the back is a little techy then lie on your back and put your feet/calves on the couch, hopefully the dog doesn’t slobber!!  Stay there for 10 minutes this helps relaxes the back from a walk.
Enjoy the time to stop for what it is- stopping.  The body and the brain need to stop to rest and repair. Sleep, eat and replenish the stores – food, sleep, nutrients, and happy memories.  Find a new hmmm moment – the one that makes you smile, attach happy feelings and repeat and remember.
Savour every moment and acknowledge that things don’t always work out the way you expect.  Bend a little and enjoy.
Merry Christmas.

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