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10th April 2016.
My interest is in science and human behaviour with regard to our busy lives and balance.   To help people make sense of what they are feeling and how to manage the emotions or feelings and turn them into a positive experience. Release stress and stay well.
My daughter went off to Cambodia today to volunteer in a village to help build a library for them. This is a minor stress yet feels good too. As our children grow we go through ups and downs with their lives.  We hope to teach them the right and wrong of society and consciousness.  I think that perhaps we under estimate actions, events, and occurrences that have an effect as well as an affect.  Our world is balance, two sides, duplicity, creation and destruction.  This applies throughout life on many if not all levels.  We have to live in balance.   Simple things like my daughter going off to help a village brought on a stress, small but none the less still there.  I was sad and elated to see her go.  A balance to offset each plus or minus.  Unfortunately our lives get too many minus’ and not enough plus.  We must nurture our soul, or life essence, personality or whatever you want to call it, in order for us to stave off disease.
People say, think happy thoughts, smile, fake it til you make it….. What you probably think is…  Leave me alone I know and don’t go on….  Unfortunately there is science to support that these theories do actually work, it takes practice.  It takes 4 times the effort to think a happy thought than a negative one, that is why we get moaners. I find when feeling a little down I think of a very happy memory and the smile starts to emanate out from my heart and out to almost every cell.  This is the oxytocin neurons in the heart that get activated.  Transported to the head and the gut and the goooood feeling moves around your body.  It feels great.  Try it.

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