Back ache and other things…

​Blog 16 – 8th August 2016
Back ache – other thoughts:
This back ache I’m sure everyone has experienced.  Achy when you get up in the morning, or having walked around a museum, or slow shops in an arcade /shopping centre, and when you rest then it’s a relief to the lower back. Or after a day of gardening, or watching sport outside particularly in the cold.  A quick easy way of minimising the problem is to have an Epsom Salt bath.  This really relieves tired sore muscles.  It is actually magnesium sulphate, and as we know magnesium is an anti-spasmodic metal or supplement.  It helps stop the cramping and in the long term help relieve sleeplessness, painful periods, irritability; especially in teenagers.  This is because they are growing so quickly that often they haven’t enough calcium and magnesium going up to the brain to help cognition, instead it goes to the bones and teeth as that is where they need it most in the growth of the body.  So they often appear moody or snappy for known no reason.  Don’t forget the hormones are kicking in so lessening the irritability as much as possible is ideal.
Unfortunately our soils are not what they were and minerals in our basic shop bought veggies are quite depleted, even though a really good source of Ca and Mg are leafy greens they become watered down by the processes of our farming.  Another really good source is salmon, or tinned salmon with the bones mashed in.  You don’t notice them if done with mayonnaise or sweet chilli on toast.  Cheese also a great source of these two minerals but unfortunately not everyone can eat dairy products. If you keep your calcium and magnesium up then women are less likely to get osteoporosis as well as doing exercise throughout their life.  Weight bearing exercises help keep the bone density at a good level and you are less likely to develop this disease. However people with stones, kidney or gallbladder should be aware of their intake of these minerals.
A gentle self-care exercise to help the back after the day of activities and help fluff the discs back up:
Lie on your right side in the bed, nice and straight, warm and comfortable.  Put the upper leg over the lower leg. Left foot on the right knee, left knee bent, on the mattress.
Then lean back towards the left gently and stay there for 5 mins (there should be a gentle twist in the spine) or until it is no more comfortable and repeat on the other side.  This helps realign your back after the busy day.  Easy to do as well – I think you will agree.
Have a try and share J and keep up the apple cider vinegar it helps support your immune system in this cold weather (3-4 mls in a glass of water).

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