Ortho-Bionomy treats many different conditions:- Whiplash, Gently feeling through the neck bones and allowing time for the overstretched and jolted tissues to come back into alignment. Achy chronic discomfort in the back included displaced disc, pulled muscles and spasms. The gentle positions of holding in a tensionless space to allow the structure to realign to balance. Soccer knees, sprained ankles and ligaments and other sports injuries: Working with the structure and the surrounding joints, eg, hips and lower back as well as the walk or gait to realign for the efficiency of the body. Post - op conditions and abdominal surgery: The abdomen has another nervous system that ortho-bionomy works with and helps speed the healing of the tissue in this cavity. Speeding up the circulation and releasing tension from where sutures and staples have been placed. Supporting the intricate balance of the internal organs along with the muscles and bones that support these areas. OOS, RSI, pain between the shoulder blades, stiff neck etc: This is used to release the body's ribs, forearms, neck and shoulders in an non invasive way and allowing circulation get through to the tissue to take away inflammation. This area is where you want to put a tennis ball and roll on it "it feels so good but it hurts so bad" kind of feeling..... Sadly it is often the rib that is supporting the shoulder girdle that this pain comes from, often too there are pins and needles in the fingers or numbness occasionally. Social phobia, OCD, anxiety, depression and inability to relax or sleep: For these issues it is the structures in the brain and adrenals which exasperate these conditions, so these areas I work with, gently relaxing the organs, the thin membrane that surrounds these areas as well as the endocrine glands that start these stress reactions off. (Hypothalamus, pituitary, hippocampus, frontal lobe and the adrenal medulla.) I sometimes incorporate using flower essences in helping change the mind back to a positive way of thinking more often. Arthritis, rheumatoid and osteo: These conditions I use both diet and ortho, as well as supplements. Releasing where the pain is in every joint and guiding to a non acid forming diet, eg - no meat, white flour, sugar, BUT lots of fruit vegetables, wholegrains and fish which can make the body a more alkalised state reducing the inflammatory process quite considerably thus easing the pain and discomfort. Migraines: These can be often and caused by several different issues i.e. hormones, structure, whiplash, stress or all of the above...I look at all these factors and work appropriately. Even the tail bone can be out of alignment and this makes a difference to the migraines too. An ASIDE: it has been found through practice of otho that a damaged tail bone can be a major factor with chronic fatigue and the onset of fibromyalgia. Ortho treats both these conditions and can do so in a very gentle way that is right for your system without over stimulation. PTSD: Or as we like to call it post traumatic shock injury.... it can be resolved through ortho but giving it a name as DISEASE seems very finite. Ortho listens to what the body and mind needs and when it is needed, in the own body's time and pace, trust is slowly gained and resolve starts happening. Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome: Using the techniques of ortho it is possible to bypass the nervous system that is on alert all the time by using the fluid to gently change the signals of the brain thus lessening the pain responses. Your body understands and recognises the need and ability to heal itself on all levels. Every body's structure and functionality is different; by "listening" to your body, identifying where the tension is, checking the way the tissue feels, and how your nervous system responds to my touch, I can identify the best ways for you to get full use out of the functionality of your body and your individual structure. Using gentle movements and positions of the body such as holding and folding around tender points (see photo, left, and explanation below); by gentle rotation and supporting of the joints; and by allowing your body time to adjust, I can take you to a place that is pain-free. No force or manipulations are used. I can release the connective tissue around the bowel (after surgery or trauma or even just stress the visceral tissue which holds the bowel in position can get tense and non functioning thus constipation or diarrhoea can occur); I also can work with the cranial bones as well as the cerebral fluid (especially in cases of a knock to the head, or whip lash); and also with the energy field that surrounds your body (this is the nervous system tracking what is a around you). What is hold and fold? "Hold" is holding or giving the tender or sore point of your body support to allow it to make a natural response. The body knows how it should be in comfort and strives to find that place again, through this technique the body is then able to resource it self to better pain free health. Want to know more about Ortho-bionomy®? The Association of New Zealand Ortho-Bionomists Inc is a member of the New Zealand Charter of Health Practitioners. Read more about Ortho-Bionomy® in New Zealand at their website The Society of Ortho-Bionomy® International (SOBI) promotes the practice, advancement and evolution of Ortho-Bionomy® worldwide. I have completed a BSc in Psychology, specialising in neuroscience at Victoria University here in Wellington. This enables me to have a far deeper understanding of the brain and the outcome of the practice of the ortho. Having this further training enables me to look objectively and scientifically at the body processes and then bringing in the intuition to get the most out of the body and its innate healing process. The psychology degree also has given me a greater understanding of the drug processes that sometimes we need to take. Also the pathology of depression and other mind/brain anomalies that the Ortho-Bionomy® can help in some cases relieve the symptoms. This knowledge has helped in the treatment of migraines and debilitating headaches. Within the degree it allowed me to understand the process of emotions, thinking patterns and socialisation in order to help clarify and explain what people are going through in times of trauma and upset. Offering solutions to help come to terms or resolution of any issues which are bothersome or upsetting. Ortho-Bionomy® is a therapy based in osteopathy, martial arts and homeopathy. It is a gentle non-invasive therapy that facilitates and supports the body’s own healing mechanism. It is used to treat many different issues, whip lash, frozen shoulders, back pain; chronic and acute, digestion issues, sore knees, lymphatic issues, migraines and many more. I have also developed a way to help re correct the brain and any imbalances over a series of 8 weeks (that is show long the brain takes to change) to assist in the repair from concussion, amnesia, speech impediments, clinical anxiety and social phobia, optical nerve issues and some paralysis. Using the evolvement of the concept of Ortho-Bionomy® and studying the where’s, what’s, and the how’s of the brain in the Psychology BSc, I am able to tap into the self-correction mechanism of the brain. The original concept was started with Arthur Lincoln Paul. www.OBNZ.co.nz, www.SOBI.org Talk to me (Tiffany) to find out more if this can help you or not.