Akashic Records Readings​

The Akashic records are where you get an understanding about your soul’s journey. It is where the big questions can be asked that you may have about your life and its purpose. The Akashic Records are where every souls journey is catalogued and stored as a file. Here you can find out your true name and also contact loved ones. The Akashic records are a place where you can find out all things about your life - present, past and future. It is a place where you can find out if a person that you clash with has a connection of a past life that the two of you need to work through. Or any question about your family or other past lives with your connection. It is a place where you are able to relax and be healed when entering the records through another person. It comes from divine love and compassion and will only give you messages about what is important to you. Truth that is revealed here will be appropriate to you at the time. You cannot have a reading if you are under 18 years old. This is because your contract has started (just over the last few years) and answers will be more available to you. You cannot ask for others without their permission. You can ask how this person is connected to you and how can you help them but not what they need to do. This is because it is not your life but rather the interaction between the two of you. You can also ask about the house if you have the title of the house and the permission of the owner of the abode. If you are buying and want to know the history then this can help with that. You will need to leave up to an hour for the reading and the cost is $70. Booking available on the Appointments page through the appointment section. Or email me at tiffanybeese@gmail.com if you want to more.