Having qualified as a naturopath in 2001, I have almost 20 years as a therapist working with people with allergies, digestion problems and chronic disease through diet and lifestyle choices. That will not only fit with your budget but also your way of life. I look at diet, reactions to foods, plan menus, look at supplements if needed and work out the best way to go forward. Most problems start because of stress of some kind, and lead on to reactions in the gut and the immune system. Let’s work together to find the best possible solution to get back to ideal health and lifestyle for you. Naturopathy is a scientific art that has been around for thousands of years. The Egyptians were amongst the first to appreciate herbs and their healing and curative powers. in naturopathy, I listen to your symptoms, and through experience and knowledge, work with you to obtain optimum results. The first thing I do when a client comes to see me is to ask you an extensive range of questions about your health, habits, eating and lifestyle choices and "playtime" habits including sports and activities. I may ask you to keep a food and mood diary so that any correlation with symptoms and habits can show up. I'll look at your diet and reactions and any predisposition for diseases, as well as your family history. I'll listen carefully to and read your body to find clues about what might be ailing you. I will also generally take your blood pressure, and check your eyes and ears in much the same way a doctor does. Then together, we will work out a plan to suit your lifestyle. It may be that your problem is structural and your dis-ease has manifested itself because of a previous injury or surgery; in this case I may add ortho-bionomyTM into your treatment mix, to further set your body on the path to better, more balanced health. I also offer lymphatic drainage (working with swollen joints, oedema) and with iridology. I may recommend teas, supplements, bach flower essences and homeopathic remedies to support you and improve your emotional and mental, as well as physical health. Rest assured that any supplements and products I recommend will either be mixed by me, or easily obtainable at a health food shop, produced by a manufacturer of high repute. All remedies will be tailored to you and your particular needs, not to my pocket. It is important to take supplements that have been diagnosed directly to meet your personal needs; the reality is that some supplements can be dangerous if taken without appropriate and expert advice. I strongly recommend that you only take supplements that have been recommended by a practitioner who has matched their knowledge about your needs and health issues, to particular products. I recommend and use MetagenicsTM. Most Metagenics products are practitioner only, as it takes training and knowledge to prescribe them appropriately. Nutrition analysis and advice